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Career Focus and Work Experience

Quality Employment Opportunities for Companies and Youth

The Work Experience and Career Focus programs connect youth who are employment-ready and committed. Contracts vary between 360 and 720 hours in the first three to six months of employment and youth must work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Employers are reimbursed at $15.00 per hour for up to 720 hours of work.

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How it Works

  • Potential participants can begin the application process with a team member from 5th on 5th. Eligibility is assessed
  • Job placements are discussed and assessed by a team member from 5th on 5th, participant and employer


  • The  employer  can  seek  out  a  participant who meets the criteria and eligibility  requirements
  • When an eligible participant is found, a team member from 5th on 5th works to establish employment goals and create a learning plan associated with the placement
  • A team member from 5th on 5th provides a supportive role for the employer and the participant, and establishes appropriate materials for the participant’s growth and success



  • Ages 15-30
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Unemployed or underemployed and looking for a career
  • Wanting to start a career but are facing barriers to employment
  • Seeking employment in a field that has limited opportunities without experience

Direct benefits

  • Set employment goals
  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Understand the job market in the Lethbridge area

Assistance and opportunities

  • First aid training
  • Understanding pay stubs
  • Resume and cover letter building
  • Employment rights/WCB
  • Criminal record check
  • Remove barriers to starting a career
  • Work experience



  • You will be reimbursed the equivalent of minimum wage for the approved and length of the contract
  • We do most of the paperwork and provide support during the work experience
  • You provide the opportunity and guidance to the young worker
  • Focuses on skill development for youth
  • Works with numerous industries in Lethbridge and surrounding areas
  • Contract hours and terms are determined before an employee is hired and youth must work a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • To qualify for wage subsidy, you must provide proof of wages paid, deductions and time sheets
  • Must be a new employee that has education and career goals relating to the position
  • Monitoring is completed throughout the contract
  • Follow-ups are performed 12 weeks after the contract is completed

Direct benefits

  • Support the local economy
  • Training costs covered
  • Build competencies valuable for your business
  • Obtain skilled and motivated employees

What we can offer

  • Connection to young workforce
  • Wage reimbursement for between 360 to 720 hours
  • Youth who have an interest working in your industry
  • Aiding in the selection of candidates who would suit your company and needs
  • Support during contract period
  • Very minimal paperwork
  • Reimbursed at $15.00 per hour for contracts of 360, 540 or 720 hours
  • Reimbursement for some training and certificate costs
  • Support and guidance provided by the a team member from 5th on 5th, as required

What we need from you

  • Register with Work Experience before employment
  • Provide a wage and start date
  • Complete the registration form provided
  • Company information, including legal and number of employees
  • Proof of WCB coverage
  • Proof of general liability insurance of $2 million
  • Proof of vehicle coverage of $2 million
  • Provide a job description and training plan for the position