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Invest in success for you and your community

There are few win-win-win situations in business or in life. Partnering with 5th on 5th is one of them.

That’s because we believe that helping our youth goes hand-in-hand with helping local businesses. Because we’re all part of the same community, helping each other multiplies the benefits

Together we can:

  • Access funding to lower the cost of hiring
  • Invest in your community
  • Find and retain employees that are the perfect fit for your business

This focus on all stakeholders – including local companies – is why local businesses come back to us again and again.

Because they know we care.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business

"We have had many successful employees join our team through the Reach Up Program. We may not have had the right resources to reach out and find these great employees if not for the Reach Up Program."

– DiAnna Kehoe and the Onion Bar and Grill Team

"We worked with the Reach-Up program various times over the years and have been impressed with the people we hired. We have great communication with Reach-Up staff, as we touch base with them when we have openings and they contact us periodically to see how they can help us meet our hiring needs. We tell them what we look for in an ideal candidate, along with the hours we need to fill and they match us with suitable candidates. The wage-subsidy component of Reach-Up is a huge benefit as well, especially with minimum wage going up."

– Amanda Knelsen, General Manager for The Keg Steakhouse and Bar

A Story of Success: Recognizing a diamond in the rough

When Trisha* first joined our Reach Up Program, she was struggling with anxiety and ADHD. This made it very difficult for employers to see her value. Despite these difficulties, she had incredible drive, an inquisitive nature and a strong work ethic.

On her intake form, Trisha listed organization as one of her primary strengths. So, when we saw that a local business needed a Stock Attendant, we suggested she interview for the job. During the interview, Trisha impressed the manager and was hired.

At first, the plan was to mainly employ her as a Stock Attendant and then potentially train her on cash down the road. However, when she began, the manager immediately saw how friendly she was with customers. Impressed by her natural people-skills, he decided to fast-track her transition to cash.

Today, Trisha is mainly on cash and her manager consistently reports that she is an amazing worker and an excellent addition to their team. He also commented that if she can open her availability more, he would be happy to give her more hours and begin the process of training her in a supervisory role.

*Names have been changed