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A clear path forward to surprising success

No one teaches you how to get a job. Instead, you’re told to just get out there and hand out resumes without any real plan. Add in a couple barriers, and that seems like a recipe for utter confusion.

The good news is: we’ve done this a thousand times before. We know the people, the hoops to jump through and the certifications you’ll need to find not just a job, but a good one.

Together, we can access resources, break down barriers and help you find your path to surprising success.

All you have to do is reach out.

One of our participants in the Reach Up program was connected with a position as a hostess and bus person. The client, who has a visual impairment, has great self awareness and gave an accurate picture to our staff regarding what she has difficulty seeing.

Since we have had exceptional experiences with a local employer and the manager does not have a one size fits all approach to training, we reached out to him. Our Job Coach gave him an understanding of what she is and isn’t able to see while highlighting that she has developed fantastic coping mechanisms.

We encouraged her to visit one evening when the manager was on site and they were both pleased with the first impressions the other made. She started working there soon after and they were quickly impressed by the initiative she showed. She is learning a lot and loving the job. The manager is thrilled with her performance and we are very happy to see her success.

A Story of Success: From out-of-work to budding entrepreneur

After two years out-of-work, Sarah* struggled to break back into the workforce.

When she reached out to us, we were able to guide her toward the Forward Life Impact Program – and Sarah was eager to learn! During her training, we also helped her access a child care subsidy so she could get the most out of the program without worrying about her child. Because of this, Sarah was able to practice interviewing and drastically improve her resume.

With just five weeks of the six-week program under her belt, she gained the confidence to approach businesses and apply for jobs. She quickly got an interview and landed a job in the retail sector.

After this exciting new opportunity, Sarah continued to work with us to ensure her continued success. She accessed more community resources through our career mentor, sought help to attain her driver’s licence, found funding for new glasses along with a new prescription, and received help to upgrade her schooling.

After working with 5th on 5th to get a job, Sarah has chosen to explore her dream to become an entrepreneur and sell her beautiful products.

*Names have been changed